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Successful Living Seminars

The best of thirty years experience in personal development, the Successful Living Basic Training will give you invaluable insights for making your life the success you want it to be. This powerful program is not just a seminar, it's a well-developed plan for building the life you want to live. Learn more at www.SuccessfulLivingBasicTraining.com.

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Saturday, October 24, 2020Milwaukee, WI$197Add Add

The topics in the Successful Living Basic Training are also offered in evening seminars. Each evening seminar is packed with key principles and tools for implementation, plus resources you can explore on your own. If you just what to explore a specific area, these evening seminars are a great option.

You can attend one seminar for $20, and bring a friend for free. (Learning is more fun and easier when you share it with someone and then support each other in using what you have learned!) You can register for the series for only $100 (save $20) and bring a friend to each one for free.

7:00–9:00 pm • free to grads of Taking It Lightly/$20 for non-grads • BRING A FRIEND!

If you have an organization or group that would like to offer one of these seminars, or a shorter version, for a meeting or gathering, please contact our offices.

Using Your Words Wisely

Words are the channel for our creative energy. What we believe, think and say form the reality we live in. Find out how thought is creative and what you as a thinker can do to...

  1. Change your belief systems and your results
  2. Say what you really mean and mean what you say (and why it is so important!)
  3. Use the principles of repetition, response, and release to make affirmations work for you
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When Your Word Becomes Law

The success in our lives is in direct proportion to the level of willingness to hold ourselves and others around us accountable. Increase the spontaneity and freedom in your life—be accountable! This workshop will explain…

  1. Connections between integrity, accountability, and responsibility
  2. Resistance and revenge, including how we hurt ourselves when we aren’t accountable
  3. Acknowledgements, forgiveness and make-ups
  4. Learn why people aren’t accountable and what you can do about it
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Getting What You Really Want

Most people say they get what they want less than 50% of the time! If you want to have your life match your dreams more often, this workshop is a must-do.

  1. Explore your life purpose and set goals for your future
  2. Identify your dreams and learn how to channel your energy into making things happen
  3. Learn how to use the ancient, powerful technique of visualization to make a treasure map of your goals
  4. Heal analysis paralysis with tools for “putting off procrastination” and getting things done
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There's More to Money than Dollar$

Why do we all want more money? How is it that there never seems to be enough? This workshop will guide you to discovering your prosperity consciousness, including…

  1. The difference between prosperity and poverty thinking
  2. Why cleaning up and cleaning out is important to wealth
  3. How your self-esteem affects your income
  4. Tips for making the Five Laws of Wealth work for you
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Building Healthy Relationships

Challenged by a relationship? At work? At Home? Family? Friends? You can transform your relationships by seeing them as an opportunities for growth — emotionally and spiritually.

  1. Re-define love and relationship
  2. Identify the differences between dependent, co-dependent, independent, and inter-dependent relationships
  3. Discover what keeps most people stuck in dysfunctional interactions
  4. More than 15 practical and valuable tips to help you create healthy relationships in any area of life
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De-stress Your Distress and Master Your Time

When there just doesn’t seem to be enough time in your day, you can practice these principles to manage the details of your business and your life.

  1. Measure your stress and recognize the symptoms of burn-out
  2. Ten tips to de-stress your life
  3. Three principles of time mastery to help you create techniques that are unique to your life, so you know they will work for you!
Next offered: None scheduled at this time. View a list of all course offerings
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